Finding the Right Words...

On February 21, our church voted to a new mission statement: COME GO GIVE GO.

These four simple words are an abbreviation for our expanded statment:

Come as we are to experience God’s love

Grow in connection with God and Community

Give of ourselves to transform lives

Go live with purpose in a world that God loves

How did we come up with these words? A group of dedicated church members talked, prayed, and explored what God was calling us to do and be together. They met together 3 times over 3 months. They participated in discussions online, after church with other members, and in other venues. They brought their recommendation to the church.

I love this mission statement. Not because of what is says, but what is has done. Many have come to me and asked some very pointed questions:

"Why do you need to 'Come?'"

"What does 'experience' mean?"

"Where are the unique aspects of the Advent message?"

"How is this statement relevant to the person who drives by church?"

"How do we find 'purpose?'"

These little words have provoked us to critique, not just a statement, but really oursevles.

"Why do you need to come to church?"

"What kind of expereince do people have here?"

"How is Kailau Church uniquely sharing the Advent message?"

"For those who are not connected, what does our church offer them?"

"What is our purpose in the world and what is a process to find it in church?"

I think the power in a mission statment is not demonstrated by its smooth rhetoric, but in its ability to mess with our reality. So far, I think we found the right words!

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