Uncomfortable Communion


Lots of churches do it just for Easter with bread and wine. Some practice it every week.

My church only does it 4 times a year, but we go the extra mile by washing everyone's feet BEFORE we partake.

Christians are supposed to love it. If you don't, there's something wrong with you.

What is Communion?

It is the Christian practice to remember Christ's sacrifice. The bread represents his body, the wine his blood.

For a few it is a lot of extra work: Deacons and Deaconesses setting up, baking, cleaning up, etc.

For many it is awkward: the loner, visitor, fueding couple, 3-day sock guy, etc.

For some it is very controversial: Who performs, how it is done, and who gets to receive it have all been heated debates.

If I am being honest, often I don't look forward to it for the reasons above and more: a ritual that's lost its meaning, a longer than usual service, numerous discrepancies from a lack of theological depth.

Ironic that an experience that is supposed to emphasize Christ's sacrifice, God's acceptance, true community, and spiritual renewal is met with such discomfort.

Maybe communion is meant to bring some level of discomfort.

The first one did: Jesus took off his garment and washing his disciples feet. Then he divulges to his disciples that one of them would betray him. Jesus redefines the bread and wine of the Passover and as symbols of himself. Finally he orders Judas out the door to "do it quickly." Quite an awkward evening.

We live in a secular world, very comfortable with the absence of God. So comfortable, that any emphasis on His presence is unsettling.

The presence of God should always disrupt us. It should disturb our schedules, to-do lists, and forms of worship. When we remember Christ's life, sacrfice, and call in our lives, maybe we can not longer find comfort in our self-sufficiency and status quo.

Perhaps the effectiveness of Communion should not be measured by the comfort it brings, but by the discomfort it provokes.

So the next time your sitting in a Communion service,

feeling uneasy,

wondering what it means,

worried about feet,

irked that we can't have bigger crackers and cups,

asking where is God in all of this,

perhaps God has you right where he wants you: uncomfortable and in communion with Him.

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