In the beginning...

On Sept 1st, 1945, a Japanese pastor by the name of Robert Nomi organized a church in the small town of Kailua with just 12 members. Having just been released from a internmet camp with the close of World War II, Pastor Robert and his wife Sumiko heard God's call to make a difference in a broken world. That fall Sumiko began a school with just 15 students.

70 years later what they began has touched thousands of lives offering a place of worship, education, and healing for the community.

Many times we wonder if God can use us to do something great. Many times we forget that everything great thing has a beginning. Often these beginings are small, difficult, and likely to fail. Yet they still require greatness: great faith.

What is God calling you to begin to make a difference for eternity? Is it small, diffulcult, or likely to fail?

Perhaps the tuly great things we do will not be characterized by their numbers, stature, or achievements.

Maybe their greatness will be measured in the faith they required to begin.

May God use us to begin something great today.

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