What's the Big Deal?

I do.

You probably do too.

Some of you are shaking your head saying, "No, not me."

You are just the kind of person I'd love to argue with to prove you wrong! I'm joking. A little.

But here is the truth: While not everyone loves to argue, everyone loves to win an argument.

That's a big problem when we start disagreeing about anything, especially when it matters.

Our love for winning and being "right," is often greater than our love for the truth. Many times when we disagree, we do not walk away having a better understanding of reailty, but become more entrenched in our ways.

This month we began a series entitled: What's the Big Deal? (Check out "Theology: Your God, Your Words" in our message archives.)

We will explore different ideas about God, justice, salvation, end times, and other hot topics that many love to debate, but few frequently explore.

What if we listened not to win, but to understand?

Would we find that the truth is bigger than we expected?

Would find out we have more in common with others who believe differently?

Would we realize we have more to uniquely contribute than we ever thought?

Could we experience all of this at the same time?

I think so.

If you disagree, let's have a good argument. I'll do my best to listen.

Join us each Saturday, at 10:45am at 160 Mookua Street, Kailua, HI 96734, or online at www.kailuasda.com.

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